Creating a
safer crypto


Our ecosystem has two tokens: $SAPE (SAFUAPE) – the genesis token, and $BSAPE (BABYSAFUAPE) – the baby reward generator. These are well connected and our investors greatly benefit from holding both.


We stand for a rug free crypto space. With our SAFUSWAP, we make sure our investors have access to quality projects, by listing only tokens which go through a vigorous contract scanning process executed by our team.


SAFUAPE team has some of the best minds and skills in this space and we would like to share our knowledge with projects which need help with everything from smart contract creation to branding.

The Genesis Token

SAFUAPE | $SAPE is the first token of our ecosystem. With a standard, 100% safe & renounced contract, $SAPE is the most secure long term investment you could wish for. All the main utilities are linked together with the purpose of creating a safe environment for our investors, as well as rewarding their patience.

$SAPE holders benefit from manual and auto buybacks, DAO, NFTs for our first 500 holders and 50% more rewards to claim as $BSAPE holders too.

The community plays a major role in this ecosystem. For this reason, we want to make sure that everyone feels included and has their opinions taken into consideration.

Rug-free swap with exclusive listings.

NFT collection minted with $SAPE tokens.

50% more rewards as a $SAPE holder.

Community DAO voting on future decisions.

NFT staking and premium rewards.

Security services and SAFU Audits.

It all comes back to the community

No private sale and no team tokens. 100% in liquidity. Contract safu & renounced.

buy tax

2% goes back into the liquidity pool
2% we spend on marketing & freelancers pay
1% for weekly contests

sell tax

5% in liquidity pool, taking advantages of sells
5% for marketing and paying sponsorships
2% for weekly contests

Total Supply | 1 Trillion

Max Wallet | 30 Billion

Claimable ETH or <any ERC-20 token>.

Auto buyback function in the smart contract.

Passive income based on daily generated volume.

Locked token staking with insane APY.

Bridge to BSC (initially) and many other chains.

Auto burn of any ERC-20 token chosen by you.

Earn SAFUAPE salary with volume-based rewards

Small vested private sale. Safu contract. Great rewards. No team tokens.

buy tax

3% goes back into the liquidity pool
3% goes on marketing & $SAPE buybacks 
2% on everyone’s claimable rewards

sell tax

6% in liquidity pool, stabilising the price
6% for marketing and $SAPE buybacks
4% for generous claimable rewards

Total Supply | 1 Trillion

Max Wallet | 20 Billion

The Reward Generator

BABYSAFUAPE | $BSAPE is the baby rewards generator token. The main utilities of this token are claimable rewards as ETH or <any ERC-20 token> voted by $SAPE holders. 

The smart contract of $BSAPE is truly unique, as it has a function many projects have looked for – auto-buybacks. With this function, our team is able to provide Buybacks as a Service (BAAS) for other projects. We can support tokens by pumping their charts without manually buying them, and our holders can claim that token as rewards.

$BSAPE uses 6% of the buy&sell transactions to generate claimable rewards. With a max wallet of 20B $BSAPE, and on a volume of 1M/day, you will be able to claim around $1200 every 48 hours.













Rewards DAO

You can only claim rewards if you hold $BSAPE.

All $SAPE holders have access to the DAO voting system. They have the power of deciding which ERC-20 token should be claimed as reward.

$BSAPE holders can claim rewards in ETH or in any ERC-20 token voted by $SAPE holders.

The voting can take place every day/week/month, depending on community’s preference.

For example, $SAPE holders have narrowed down their preferences to APE, CULT, and SHIB. After the DAO vote, CULT token was the winner. This means that for a period of time, all $BSAPE holders will be able to claim CULT as rewards.


BABYSAFUAPE $BSAPE has claimable rewards in ETH or <any ERC-20 token>. As a $BSAPE holder, you will be able to claim these rewards.

The $BSAPE smart contract uses a percentage of buy&sell taxes from every transaction to execute auto-buybacks of ETH and a token chosen by $SAPE holders.

The buybacks are collected in two reward pools: one with ETH and one with the chosen token. These get redistributed towards all $BSAPE holders as claimable rewards.

The amount of rewards collected by each holder depends on the value of their holdings and the volume of transactions. Bigger volume means bigger rewards.

Claim timer

$BSAPE holders can claim their rewards directly from our DApp 48h after their last $BSAPE buy/sell/claim transaction.

Premium rewards

As a $SAPE holder you will have 50% more rewards to claim. This is also applied to NFTs. If you own $BSAPE and an NFT, you get 50% more rewards.

Gas fees

With every claim, you will have to pay ETH gas fees. These are usually around $5 – $20. We are working on a system which will help reduce these fees.


Holding 10B $BSAPE and on a volume of 1M per day, will get you around $600 per 48h claim. As the volume gets bigger, so do the rewards. Holding $SAPE/an NFT as well as $BSAPE tokens, will give you 50% more rewards per claim. 

Everything is put in place since the contract has been deployed. The utility is working perfectly and everyone has the chance of getting an impressive amount of passive income simply by holding these tokens. 

The reward system is thought through to be maintained by the community. There are no rewards without volume, there is no volume without community.

HOLD 10B $BSAPE + 1M volume/day = $600 PER 48H CLAIM FOR YOU ☆


SAFU SWAP is a next-generation automated market maker (AMM) that protects users from front-running bot/sniper attacks while ensuring traders can buy and sell Exclusive ERC-20 tokens without being overly affected by slippage.

SAFU SWAP is an aggregator designed to scrape through a handful of decentralised exchanges in search of the most profitable platforms by comparing the best price/gas fee/slippage for your trade. It offers its users access to sources available on the Ethereum ecosystem, Binance Smart Chain, and the Polygon Network.

Auto Slippage

Zero failed transactions

Multi chain swap

Exclusive listings


Audited tokens only

We only list screened & audited projects. We make sure that every token listed on SafuSwap is rug-free and scam-proof.


Those who stay patient
will be rewarded

$SAPE KINGs NFTs is a generative 3D collection with 1000 pieces in total. These are made by our team and are meant to look more different than the average, quirky and fun. 

Our first 500 $SAPE holders will receive an NFT for as long as they still hold at the time when these are ready. Another batch of 500 NFTs will be put up for sale and anyone will be able to mint them on our DApp, using $SAPE tokens.

This is only the first collection we are launching, but won’t be the last one. Utilities include, but are not limited to staking & premium rewards. The possibilities are endless and we can add more utilities as the project makes progress.

NFT Staking

SAPE KINGS owners can lock up their NFTs on our SAFU DApp for safekeeping and receive rewards based on the established APY.

Premium rewards

$BSAPE holders who also own a SAPE KING NFT in their wallet will be able to claim 50% more rewards in ETH or any ERC-20 token.


SAFU Audit is an extensive analysis of the project’s smart contract. The team is looking for any vulnerabilities, as well as hidden functions which might put the investors in danger.

The audits utility is still a work in progress, but it will ultimately be presented in as much detail as possible. This will go alongside the SafuSwap listing processm in order to ensure the investors’ peace of mind. Every project listed on the swap will receive a certificate which proves the project is legitimate and safe.

Our ultimate goal with SAFU Audits is not only to provide the security check, but also work together towards improving the code wherever possible.

Services we can provide

Generative NFT

We can help you build your NFT collection, from start to finish, including the design, metadata, rarity levels, smart contract & minting/uploading process.

Our team has experience in working with all aspects related to NFTs, from the 2D or 3D design creation, to generating the entire collection on a number of your choice. 

Smart contract

Apart from auditing and offering our AAA security services, we can also assist you with your custom smart contract creation for your project.

Just share your vision with us, and we will be able to turn it into reality. We will make sure there are no vulnerabilities in your contract and you have a 100% SAFU new project.

Website &

Our branding is very distinctive in the crypto space and has been recognised as one of the best designs seen around. We do all our branding in house and would love to assist you with yours.

You only have to provide your project’s name and its story, and we will take care of the rest – website, branding, logo, marketing & PR templates.

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